03 March 2008

This Heaven Gives Me Migraine

Weekend Rituals
Does everyone clean their house and go for a walk on Sundays, or is it just me?
There's something about Gang of Four's Entertainment! that demands movement. I pass others out walking their dogs or jogging with their swank armbands and their crystalline white earbuds and wonder, "What the hell could they be listening to?" In my head everyone is listening to wretched, awful schlock like 3 Doors Down (who just happen to be playing at the N. Charleston Coliseum soon) or Nickelback. How do I know what they're listening to?

I don't. But there's something in my head that tells me they don't crave listening to the abrasive, slightly atonal snaps of Gang of Four. I don't imagine others digging the apocalyptic imagery of Entertainment! (See that girl on the TV dressed in a bikini/she doesn' think so/ but she's dressed for the H bomb) while breathing in fresh air of the marsh land. But me, I can't get enough. Thanks to Dewage for turning me on to them.

Keep It Like a Secret made it onto the turntable for two reasons: 1) it's close to being one of my favorite albums (yes, of all time) and, 2) I'm bummed because I'm going to miss another chance to see them live. They're playing at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC next Monday, March 10 and then The Orange Peel the next day, Tuesday, March 11. The feasibility of driving 3.5 hours to and from Charlotte on a Monday night just does not sit well with me. And now I'm afraid they'll never come close to me again (have they ever played anywhere in South Carolina? Not to my knowledge). The new BTS vinyl reissues are well-worth the price, though. All come with at least one bonus track.

Music purchased today:
The Mountain Goats--Heretic Pride
Headlights--Some Racing, Some Stopping
The Evangelicals--Evening Descends
Breathe Owl Breathe--Glacier EP
Halou-Sawtooth EP

matt pond PA play tomorrow night at The Map Room. I'll be the one taking pictures.

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