31 March 2008

Everything Old is New Again

Three is the magic number for items to read today:

The Village Voice reviews Kurt Vonnegut's posthumous collection, "Armageddon in Retrospect."Read it here.

2. Salon's music critic Kevin Berger manages
to describe all the wanderings of Dan Bejar's band Destroyer in elegant detail. But what's up with calling him Daniel Bejar? Too pretentious for me.

3. Did you know the music industry is changing? Please tell me we're not going to give Jack White credit for it. Regardless, music critic Ann Powers of the
LA Times seems self-aware of the fleeting role of critics in the digital age.

And what's this...Matt at
You Ain't No Picasso thinks he can take better pictures of Man Man than me?! I challenge him to a Man Man picture-off!
But first, I should upload my own Man Man pictures at
my Flickr account...

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