29 June 2009

Song Obsession :: Company of Thieves, "Oscar Wilde"

I'm finding my self gravitating more and more to single tracks than entire albums. I think it may be a product of summer or my desire to make mixtapes. Here's a song I've been hitting "Repeat" on for a few weeks. The album is only so-so, but I love this track unabashedly.

Oscar Wilde - Company of Thieves

And the video is pretty great, too. Gotta love a Rushmore reference...

I found out at the last minute that these guys and girl were playing Friday night down the street from me. At the most divey-dive sports bar I've ever been to. The kind where the whores, uh, I mean, servers wear skimpy sports outfits that show the cellulite and bullet holes in their thighs. To the band, I would just like to say, I apologize for that place and I apologize that we could not find another suitable venue for you to perform at. On behalf of Charleston and West Ashley, I am sorry. I doubt you will return, but if you do, I will personally take you all out for steak dinner and wine.

22 June 2009


Boy, I don't know about you guys, but if I go for a week without checking Google Reader, it's damn near impossible to catch up. (And is it just me or does that "+" in the (1000+) header look extremely menacing?) So I spend an hour or two glancing at headlines and clicking the links that I should have been reading instead of being productive. Then I post them here. Sure it's old news by now, but any news is old after ten minutes in the modern age. Here's what has caught my eye as of late:

--Videogum rants about Bruno here.

--Chromewaves reminds us why we still care about 90s alt-rock here.

--Muzzle of Bees has 5 Questions with Jay Farrar of Son Volt here.

--A double dose of Band of Horses courtesy of Charleston City Paper: Word association and a full profile. We really love these guys...can you tell?

--One of my favorite pop bands, Audible, has a new disc out for a "name-your-own-price" download here. Chip in and help out a great band. You'll love 'em.

--And Stereo Subversion has an interview with the excellently-bearded Matisyahu here.

Link-o-rama! Yippee! Serious buyers only, please...


21 June 2009

The Thermals :: Interview + Live Review

Hey kids. I've got a feature from one of my current favorite bands right now, Portland, OR's The Thermals. They rolled through Chucktown about a month ago and were gracious enough to sit down and talk to me before rocking and rolling onstage that night. Here's the interview on Stereo Subversion, followed by a live review of the show at The Pour House. Click on the album cover to read the interview.

Now We Can See
The Thermals, Now We Can See
Kill Rock Stars, 2009

And the live review...click on the image to read it.

The Thermals, Live @ The Pour House
Charleston, SC, 5/15/2009

Thanks for still reading. I'm seriously thinking about switching over to WordPress for the blog. Thoughts? Anybody using it? Blogger is starting to piss me off...

01 June 2009

Interview :: The Champion and His Burning Flame

Whew. Been a while, but there has been shortage of work marching on here at the headquarters for all things polarizing (see previous two posts). Maybe I have a new reason for hating Canadians now (not like I didn't have sufficient reasons before).

A new interview is posted at Stereo Subversion conducted by your humble blogger. It's for the Nashville band The Champion and His Burning Flame. I really dig this band and think the Dave Arnold has a clear view of what he wants to do--something missing from most bands (I'm looking in your direction, Kinetic Stereokids). Boy I just can't leave well enough alone can I?

(Click on the image to read the interview)
The Champion and His Burning Flame
The French EP (2009)

Buy the album at their MySpace page. Thanks to Dave and his bandmates for being swell and making great music!