29 June 2009

Song Obsession :: Company of Thieves, "Oscar Wilde"

I'm finding my self gravitating more and more to single tracks than entire albums. I think it may be a product of summer or my desire to make mixtapes. Here's a song I've been hitting "Repeat" on for a few weeks. The album is only so-so, but I love this track unabashedly.

Oscar Wilde - Company of Thieves

And the video is pretty great, too. Gotta love a Rushmore reference...

I found out at the last minute that these guys and girl were playing Friday night down the street from me. At the most divey-dive sports bar I've ever been to. The kind where the whores, uh, I mean, servers wear skimpy sports outfits that show the cellulite and bullet holes in their thighs. To the band, I would just like to say, I apologize for that place and I apologize that we could not find another suitable venue for you to perform at. On behalf of Charleston and West Ashley, I am sorry. I doubt you will return, but if you do, I will personally take you all out for steak dinner and wine.

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