01 June 2009

Interview :: The Champion and His Burning Flame

Whew. Been a while, but there has been shortage of work marching on here at the headquarters for all things polarizing (see previous two posts). Maybe I have a new reason for hating Canadians now (not like I didn't have sufficient reasons before).

A new interview is posted at Stereo Subversion conducted by your humble blogger. It's for the Nashville band The Champion and His Burning Flame. I really dig this band and think the Dave Arnold has a clear view of what he wants to do--something missing from most bands (I'm looking in your direction, Kinetic Stereokids). Boy I just can't leave well enough alone can I?

(Click on the image to read the interview)
The Champion and His Burning Flame
The French EP (2009)

Buy the album at their MySpace page. Thanks to Dave and his bandmates for being swell and making great music!

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