06 March 2008

Love Comes Like a Kennedy Curse

Back from the Matt Pond PA show at The Map Room on Tuesday night. The "storm of the century" as E called it didn't amount to anything--no tornadoes or severe lightning or anything. Quick update on areas of interest on this here interwebs:

...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead have a session up at Daytrotter for download.

Pitchfork has photos up of the recent Bill Calahan/Johathan Meiburg show at the Village Tavern. I don't know who Drew Katchen is, but apparently he was at the Village Tavern on 2/29 taking photos. I missed the show, but plan on tracking this guy down.

I just discovered JunkMedia; looks like a cool site.

And the award for concert-in-an-amphitheater-that-I-would-go-to-and-then-leave-before the-main-act goes to...Jack Johson with special guests Rogue Wave and Neil Halstead! I know Rogue Wave released Asleep at Heaven's Gate on Jack Johnson's label...but where did they pick up Neil Halstead from? I do recommend "Sleeping On Roads," though.

The Silver Jews are emerging from whatever hole they live in to release a new album, (title here). And their second-ever tour is to follow. The album features Pernice Brother's guitarist Peyton Pinkerton.

Sixeyes has a new mp3 from the Notwist's new album; their first in 6 years since Neon Golden (a fine record).

If I cared I would mention that you can stream Tapes 'n Tapes LP, but their last LP was crappy and for some reason critics went ape-shit over it. And by the time this posts, you can't listen to the streaming album anyway, so nevermind.

Man Man and The Felice Brothers play at the Village Tavern tomorrow night. The Felice Brothers play an in-store at Monster Music beforehand. Apparently they're good.

Dave Eggers
is giving a public reading at the Brooks Center, Friday, March 7 at 7:30. It's free and it's part of the Clemson University Literary Festival. Apologies to Woody b/c I can't be there.

That's all. Pix from the Matt Pond PA show and a review coming either tomorrow or Monday.

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