17 March 2008

A Predicate Warning to the Sun

It took some time but I've finally uploaded about 20 images from the Matt Pond PA show at The Map Room on Flickr. Check them out here.

Make a comment and tell me what you think; I shot these on better equipment than I'm used to.

As for today, here's a link to a follow-up from Charleston City Paper's little music experiment with The Post and Courier's Preview pullout section in Sunday's paper. See Friday's post for the first part of the story.

As for the rest of the week, Destroyer's Trouble In Dreams comes out tomorrow. Stream it here, courtesy of Merge Records.
And other folks are talking about She & Him, Volume One--the new release from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward. Stream it here, courtesy of Merge Records, though I couldn't be less enthused about some indie starlet's foray into music. Remember this announcement? Stick to what you know kids, I don't care how hot you are onscreen.

A review of the new Destroyer will be up on Wednesday--that's right, I wait and buy my music the day it comes out like a good like capitalist.

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