16 April 2009

Correction: Record Store Day, Day 4, Horizon Records, Greenville, SC

Correction: This morning I stated that Gene Berger, owner/operator of Horizon Records turned me on to Chuck Prophet. This information is only partially true. The individual who first turned me on to Chuck Prophet is one Woody Moore from the town of B'ton. Indeed, Woody went to see Chuck Prophet play at The Handlebar (the local music venue down the street from Horizon Records) and promptly purchased a copy of Chuck Prophet's disc No Other Love. He was good enough to make me a copy of said CD, though I did not care for it at the time, mostly because I was going through a highly regrettable pop/punk/emo phase.

In late 2008, I picked up a copy of Chuck Prophet's excellent Soap and Water at the behest of Mr. Gene Berger. I have since returned to previous Chuck Prophet albums including the friend-made copy of No Other Love. So, the corrected statement from the previous post should read: "I was turned on to Chuck Prophet with the help of Gene Berger."

Silence Is Overrated greatly regrets this error and wishes to express our deepest and most sincere apologies to Mr. Moore. Our oversight was unintentional and the result of shoddy memory, mostly due to all of the homemade beer Mr Moore forced upon your humble blogger.

No Other LoveSoap and Water

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