31 July 2008

Keeping It Sweet

You should definitely check out Wild Sweet Orange if you haven't already. Their five-song EP, The Whale EP caught my ears when I threw a song of theirs on a random mix CD. Now, I'm looking forward to picking up their full-length, We Have Cause To Be Uneasy (yep, that get my vote for best album title of the year).

Additionally, they will be playing the Village Tavern, August 31. You should go. I'll be there. It'll be fun. I'll buy you a drink. And I promise not to hit on you...much.

Also, here's an mp3 from The Whale EP:
Wild Sweet Orange, "Wrestle With God" (Thanks, Spinner)

And let the pissing match begin
. Who's got their money on Gretchen Wilson shutting them down? Yeah, that'd be me...as much as I dislike that no-talent redneck hack wannabe. Gretch Wilson, not Chris Robinson.

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