07 May 2008

Girl, Why Not Take Out the Trash?

This past Sunday I dug into the mess that is my bonus room (or FROG - Front Room Over the Garage here in Chucktown). CDs, books, comics, computers parts, and random papers were everywhere. Here's the soundtrack to Sunday cleaning. As you can tell I gave up after about three hours. A body can only take so much. (CD images link to amazon.com)

Built to Spill, Live--My obsession with BTS continues. One day I will see them live. Or not. Either way 20 minutes of Neil Young's "Cortez the Killer" was enough to drive my wife and cats crazy.

They Might Be Giants, The Else--TMBG rock better than most bands who have been around for 20 years. (Yes, I'm looking in your direction U2, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, R.E.M., etc.) Every album manages to sound fresh to me despite whatever beef Pitchfork has with them. P4K seems incapable of handing them a good review.

Band of Gypsys, Live--Picked this one up on Record Store Day on vinyl. Even remastered the sound is still just-okay. But damn, Billy Cox and Buddy Miles make a hell of a rhythm section. An awkward, but fitting end to Hendrix's career...and really the only album I can stomach listening to now (they all remind me too much of Jr High when I was cranking out Hendrix licks on my axe).

You can still download Piltdown from Wide Awake Press, the Free Comic offered as part of Free Comic Book Day! Do it! To see my stellar piece, view the HTML version and I'm at the end (page 43). Or just skip to this link. (Sorry, Chris.)

Guess who's going to see Radiohead this Friday in Charlotte? (Hint: It's me.)

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