20 May 2008

All Together Now

Make yourself a part of the music you love:
Parts and Labor need your help for their new album!

mp3: "Fractured Skies" from the LP Mapmaker
mp3: "A Great Divide" from the LP Stay Afraid

You thought Kenny Rogers sucked? You're right! But don't tell that to Canadians The Constantines and Feist. You can receive a limited edition seven inch from Daytrotter. It's just takes a little motivation and, ummm....writing an essay about Kenny Roger's beard?


Jim said...

kenny rodgers looks a little like tom. I propose a look-a-like contest. I have faith that you have the discretion to know when to hold 'em or when to fold 'em.

Scott E said...

You are so correct it is not even funny. Although, I think Tom looks more like Glenn Campbell.

So, Son Volt, huh? Awesome!