15 July 2009

The Role of the Critic

I wrote an essay that is included in Stereo Subversion's "The Role of the Critic" series being published every Wednesday in July. Read my essay, "I Can't Be Your Apologist Very Long:" Producing Something Akin to Excellence in Music Criticism by clicking on the nifty image below.

For those music nuts like myself, the title is nicked from a Built to Spill lyric. But you have to find out which song it is on your own.

And here's a review of the new Pete Yorn disc, Back and Fourth that ran on Stereo Subversion about a month ago. Incidentally, the "Comments Section" after the review provide good examples of some of the points I illustrate in my essay. Click on the album cover to read the review.

Pete Yorn, Back and Fourth
(Columbia Records, 2009)

Thanks to everyone for reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the essay, especially if they're nasty. Because I love a good argument...in case you didn't know.

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