09 April 2008

Local Edition

Check out the poster for Kulture Klash 2, April 19 a week from this Saturday. I like it.

The official description of Kulture Klash is as follows:

"Kulture Klash 2 - Event highlights the local, eclectic, and innovative creative minds in the Charleston area. A new feature this go ‘round is a week-long exhibit of all the artwork that has been installed for the event. Exhibit runs April 19-25. Sat., April 19, 7 p.m.-12 a.m."

It's in the area where the old Navy base used to be, an area that is slated for major overhaul and redevelopment.

Additionally, @ The Music Farm this Saturday I get to see EITS.

But first I got to get through the garage sale I'm having Saturday...

And sadly, I won't be able to attend Fluke this year. And that makes me sad because it's always a splendid good time. But be sure to go if you can and check out my boys at Wide Awake Press.
They are the coolest cats in the mini-comics game. Just check out this poster:

Like I said, the coolest. I'll see you guys at Heroes Con.

Much love to my G-ville peeps. Holla.


J Chris Campbell said...

Thanks for the plug. Did you get my e-mail about dinosaurs?

Scott E said...

Oh yes, I did get your e-mail about dinos. And I feel good about my response.