10 February 2008

Well, Is There A Ghost?

Heading down to the revamped Music Farm in lovely downtown Charleston tomorrow night for the final night of Band of Horses Winter tour. Originally the show was planned for The Village Tavern in Mt. Pleasant, SC (the new home of the band after nine years in Seattle). I am looking forward to it even though I only liked about half of their first album, Everything All the Time.

The new album, Cease to Begin, however is a much more solid, relaxed effort in my opinion. Where before I felt like the band was trying much too hard to call upon the spirits of Built to Spill and out-reverb My Morning Jacket, now I hear less influence and more of a band growing into their skin.

The moment the album sunk its hooks into me was coming home from Baltimore this past October and riding on the Metro in the early morning, watching folks scramble to get to church while others just slept off hangovers from the night before. It felt like there was a ghost over everyone, in every place I moved.

I'll have pics from the show to post later. Cheers, guys. Thanks for coming back to SC.

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