02 October 2005

Salad Days

Emilee has been quite sick with a stomach virus this weekend. I actually attempted to go see The Decemberists in Asheville this past Friday night. I made it all the way to Asheville and realized I had to turn around to take care of my lovely wife who was puking her brains out. She kept trying to tell me to stay, but really, I couldn't have enjoyed myself at the show knowing that she was sick. I was looking forward to seeing them and the opening band Sons and Daughters, but Fletcher assured me that their live show was nothing to brag about. I suppose he's right, I guess I was just looking for a show to go see. It's been quite a while since I've seen a decent one.
I settled in to watch Pollock last night, but fell asleep halfway through. Thank god for TiVo. I managed to hit the record button before I fell asleep. It looked really good and I enjoyed what I saw, but I suppose I was just more worn out that I knew. I was up all night the night before trying to take care of the aforementioned individual, who was, aforementionedly, puking her aforementioned brains out.
Beyond that, I donated some money to the Boy Scouts of America yesterday at the supermarket. I know it seems odd given all the other "worthy" causes I could give my money to. But I was a member of BSoA for a long time, and I had some great memories of it. So, in a weird way I felt like I was giving my inner child a pat on the head. (Notice my refrain from making any homosexual jokes during that last paragraph).
I'm getting ready to go to Jacksonvill this Thursday to present a paper on Craig Thompson's Blankets at the Popular Culture Association of the Southeast. I'll manage to post it online when I'm done either on The Commonbond website or this blog.

Book: All of the mini-comics I bought at SPX.
Movie: Pollock (part II)
Music: Sons and Daughters: "The Repulsion Box"


Derek J Lynn said...
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blogsurfer said...
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Seth said...

I wonder if this will be deleted.

I've never seen Pollock, although I love his work. Stumbled over here from PJ's blog. And that's how you spell Emily (Emilee)? I had no idea.

Mmmmmmm, Tivo.