07 September 2005

Which Disaster?

Jack Shafer has got it dead on with his critique of TV journalism. My only gripe: I wish we could all move away from making FOX News the poster boys of bad journalism. Granted it's most likely the worst out there (and that's saying a lot) but equally blameable are CNN and MSNBC for their similar sins against the integrity of journalism. Personally, I don't believe journalism was ever meant to be presented on the same medium that runs The Young and the Restless, Monday Night Football, and MTV Cribs. Television is a form of entertainment and, as such, news presented on television, no matter what you are told, is meant to do just that: entertain.
Read the article HERE.
I re-read The Declaration of Independence last night to prepare for my class today when we discuss it. What struck me most about it this time was how much it could be taken out of context, especially in contemporary society. When read and interpreted a certain way, it's almost a justification for communism, socialism, anarchy, and a slew of other less-than-popular forms of rule. There is a lot in common with Thoreau's "Resistance to Civil Government." But I suppose those of you more well-versed in early American Literature already knew that. And, as usual, I'm late to the game.

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